Benton and Franklin County Probate

Probate is the court process that takes place after an individual has died to help distribute their assets and ensure their will is properly read and followed. The probate process is tedious and time consuming, and it can also be quite confusing. That’s why Ian Sinclair, Attorney at Law, offers the services of a probate attorney. His knowledge of the probate courts in Benton and Franklin Counties will help you prepare for this process well. If you are looking for the services of a probate attorney, he is ready to serve.

Why You Need an Attorney for Probate

Why do you need the services of a probate attorney when you are dealing with the Franklin or Benton County probate courts? A probate attorney will help take you through the probate process, ensuring you understand the steps ahead and do not run into any unnecessary delays. Your probate attorney will also handle the vast amounts of paperwork that goes into the probate and asset distribution process. As a probate attorney, some of the services Ian Michael Sinclair provides include:

  • Locating and securing assets
  • Obtaining date of death values and appraisals for the property in the estate
  • Handling all documents the probate courts require
  • Collecting life insurance policy payouts
  • Making the right moves for retirement plans
  • Offering advice on how to pay the decedent’s bills and debts
  • Determining the amount of estate or inheritance taxes
  • Assisting with the sale of any properties
  • Re-titling the real estate in the estate
  • Distributing assets after bills and taxes are paid

All of this work takes time and knowledge, and that is why so many people choose to hire a probate attorney to help with the process.

Partner with a Knowledgeable Probate Attorney

When you need the services of a probate attorney, you want to work with one who knows the process in Benton and Franklin County intimately. That attorney is Ian Sinclair, Attorney at Law. If you have lost a loved one recently and are heading to the probate courts, contact Attorney Ian Michael Sinclair to learn more about his services as a probate attorney, and enter the process with skilled guidance by your side.

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