Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Facing criminal accusations puts you in an overwhelming situation. Even misdemeanors, like DUIs or drug cases, can have serious and far-reaching consequences. That's why you need the help of a criminal defense attorney as you face these accusations. With an attorney on your side, you can build a strong defense that will protect your rights, liberty and reputation.

Personal Injury

From car accidents to trip-and-fall cases, when you face an injury that happened at the hands of another party, you need to get legal help right away. Personal injury cases have the potential to create a lifetime of medical and emotional suffering, and you deserve to be properly compensated by the responsible party.


Probate is the court process that takes place after an individual has died to help distribute their assets and ensure their will is properly read and followed. The probate process is tedious and time consuming, and it can also be quite confusing.

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