Ian Michael Sinclair

Ian Sinclair, Attorney at Law, is an attorney who serves clients in both Benton and Franklin Counties in Washington. He has a solid reputation for a client-centric practice, and he will take the time to get to know you and your needs before building your defense or offering legal guidance. If you are looking for an attorney who will truly put you first, you need to contact Ian Sinclair, Attorney at Law.

Practice Areas

Attorney Ian Michael Sinclair focuses much of his practice on building defense for clients who are accused of misdemeanor crimes. This can include DUIs, drug crimes and other minor crimes. He believes it is critical for his clients to build that defense, because even though misdemeanors are considered minor crimes, they carry heavy penalties and can impact the client’s reputation for years.

In addition to his services as a criminal defense attorney, Ian Sinclair, Attorney at Law, is a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorney. He fights hard to ensure his clients are justly compensated when they are injured by someone else’s actions or negligence. His goal is to ensure that settlements are fair, providing his clients with the funds they need to rebuild their lives after a serious injury.

Ian Sinclair, Attorney at Law, can also help in landlord/tenant disputes, and he is a probate attorney serving Franklin and Benton Counties. This robust list of practice areas means Attorney Ian Michael Sinclair is your resource for legal concerns, both big and small. No matter what you come to him for, you will get the same level of dedication and support that all of his clients know they can expect.

Commitment to Clients

Ian Michael Sinclair offers a personal approach to his legal services. When you partner with him, for your legal need, you will know from your first phone call that you have chosen a quality attorney who is in business to help people. Your needs will be at the center of everything he does, all while he offers knowledgeable legal guidance and support.

Don’t tackle your legal matter without the right help. Trust the experience and knowledge of Ian Sinclair, Attorney at Law. Contact his firm today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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